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Art Faq

What software you use for your art?

When I draw on PC I use Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet with Photoshop. I mainly use the standard brushes that come with Photoshop. I’m using a PS app called Lazy Nezumi Pro to make drawing smooth lines easier.I also use iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. With iPad I’m using Procreate with both standard brushes as well as various brush packs from fellow creators. And when I want to create vector art I'm using Adobe Fresco (for example I’m sometimes using this to create patterns).

Which watercolors are you using?

I’m currently using mainly Schmincke Horadam, Prima Marketing Pastel and Holbein Artists Pastel watercolors, Schmincke + Holbein being my favorites as they’re very vibrant and high quality paints.I usually prefer the ones that don’t granulate & come in watercolor tubes. I arrange the colors to a Meeden watercolor palette. I also like to use Finetec Coliro Pearlcolors for pretty shimmery details.

Which guache paints are you using?

My preferred gouache paints are Holbein Artists basics + pastels, Daler Rowney Designers + Holbein Acryla acrylic gouache and Shinhan Pass watercolor/gouache hybrid. My favorites are the Holbein ones.

Which inks are you using?

I like to use acrylic inks as they have superior water resistance. My favorite acrylic inks are Liquitex Professional ink, Daler Rowney FW ink and Royal Talens Amsterdam ink - Liquitex being my most used one of these.

What are your favorite pens?

I like to use colored pencils for sketching, Prismacolor Col-Erase and Pilot Color Eno being my favorites as they’re erasable.For linework, if I’m not using ink, I like to use Faber Castell PITT Artists Pens and Pilot Brush Pen (soft). Sometimes I also use Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, but prefer the Pilot pen as in my opinion it’s easier to control.For white details, most of the time I use white Uni Posca marker (PC-1MR 0.7mm) as they are beautifully opaque and fluid.I also like to experiment with colored PC-1M Posca pens + Polychromos & Holbein Artists colored pencils sometimes. I often also use the Holbein Artists colored pencils for little color details on top of my paintings.

What are your favorite brushes?

I like to use synthetic brushes, my favorites being Jackson’s Artica White Toray, Winsor & Newton Cotman, Princeton Velvetouch and Leonhardy 374 Super Star brushes (Leonhardy is a local brand that I got from a local art store).

What paper & sketchbooks you like to use?

I almost always use 300 g/m2 100% cotton paper (both hot and cold press, but most of the time hot press as I prefer a smooth paper surface) for my final traditional paintings. My favorite papers are Arches and Fabriano Artistico.My favorite sketchbooks are Mossery sketchbooks & Crescent RENDЯ No Show Thru softcover sketchbooks.

Copyright © Nina Grönlund / Nikury | All rights reserved.


Do you take commissions/collaborations?

As I work full time on my own brand private commissions are currently closed. Commercial collaborations are open occasionally & you can contact me via hello(at)

Do you license your work?

No, with an exemption of some retailers. You can however shop my wholesale products here.If you're a retailer and would like to work with me, you can contact me via hello(at)

Where can I buy your art/products?

My main shop is HERE. I also have these shops: Etsy + Redbubble + Society6 + Design by Humans + Threadless + Teepublic + Spoonflower. If you see my illustrations anywhere else, please take a good look if it's offical merch as there are lots of fakes around.I also have licensed my work with a selection of authorized retailers. You can find my list of stockists here.

Can I have your artwork tattooed?

Absolutely! Just be sure that both you and the tattoo artist give credit (for example when sharing the tattoo in social media credit and tag me), I'd love to see your tattoo :) I don’t charge for use, but you can support my work by purchasing lavender tea for me in Ko-fi, it really helps a lot ♡
Note for tattoo artists: please don’t use my art as your personal flash that you’re offering to your clients.

Can I use your art as my profile picture?

Sure, if it's only for a personal social media (and not a business). Just don't use my own avatar or my logos as those are reserved for my personal use.

Can I share your art in my social media?

Sure, if you keep in mind a few things: properly credit me as the original artist (for example in the description), don't edit the picture and don't use the picture for commercial purposes (for example as your business logo/avatar/banner, sell products made from the illustration or use it to promote a business) - all of my illustrations are copyrighted, Nikury is a registered trademark & using my illustrations for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

Can I make resin pieces using your art?

No you unfortunately can't. This includes making resin pieces and molds using my illustrations and also using stickers or other merchandise that has my illustrations on them to create resin pieces (even if they're purchased from my official shops), with an exemption of making resin pieces for personal use (if you share them in your social media, look at previous question about sharing).

Copyright © Nina Grönlund / Nikury | All rights reserved.


Nina is a Finnish illustrator and designer living in the Netherlands. She graduated from Kajaani University of Applied Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in business (B.B.A) specializing in game graphics. She now focuses on freelance work and is the owner of the brand Nikury. She works with both digital and traditional tools and draws inspiration from nature, animals and witchy subjects. In her free time she enjoys hanging with her animal children and playing video games.

Copyright © Nina Grönlund / Nikury | All rights reserved.